Let's talk "Skinimalism." – ZL SKIN

Let's talk "Skinimalism."

At ZL SKIN, we care about skin!  We also care about keeping life healthy, simple. and sane. That’s why we’re so excited to see so many of our friends, and the beauty industry as a whole, embracing the idea of skinimalism. 

Skinimalism is exactly what it sounds like: minimalism for your skin.  If, after years of extensive K Beauty routines, you are baffled by the idea of doing less for your skin, take heart! Skinimalism isn’t about doing less at all: it’s about being able to simplify your skincare routine because you’ve found gorgeous, multi-tasking products.  It’s also about creating natural looks that embrace your skin’s texture, tone. and unique features.

Skinimalist makeup is often light, sheer, and (most important of all!) formulated to let your skin breathe!  No more cakey looks. Skinimalist makeup is dewy, glossy and illuminating. Go-tos include RMS Beauty and ILIA, though there are many indie beauty brands embracing the trend.

At ZL SKIN, we’re thrilled to see so many people discovering skinimalist routines and solutions.  It’s made all the difference for us. In fact, it’s the idea that inspired our brand in the first place.  Our hero product, Guard & Glow was born out of frustration with the number of anti-aging and skin care products taking up space in our lives. “Surely,” we thought, “there’s got to be an easier way!”  And there was!

In Guard & Glow we created a one-spritz, post-active skincare routine that cleanses, balances, and refreshes your skin.  Our super unique blend of high-quality, natural and supremely effective ingredients, like tremella mushroom extract, green tea, K beauty favorite yuzu, and propolis extract, means you’re getting world-class clarifying, anti-aging, blemish-busting, and glow-boosting benefits in every use. If that’s not the soul of skinimalism, we don’t know what is!

Ready to simplify your routine?  We think adding Guard & Glow is a great way to start!  Find yours on our website, pop it in your gym bag and get ready to see how gorgeous simplicity can be!